Update 31st May 2019

Neko is having some problem with nekoland again. When everything is almost perfect! Sigh! 

Neko doesn't really like ".blog" address. And I never thought things would be so complicated just to change the address from ".blog" to the original ".com". A few technical problem came up after the switch. It look like the whole site need to be rebuilt again. This would be the 3rd time. Well like what people say 3rd time is the charm! And to my surprise that this hosting company support is only working 9-5, Mon - Fri. So look like we will have to wait till next week to get the problem fully resolved. (Finger crossed!)

So in the meantime, we are back here for refuge again. Link for King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng have been updated. It's only subbed up to ep13 at the moment. So if you click anything beyond that, it won't work! Neko do not have any facebook and usually announce the release in Discord. If you are not in Discord, you can always get the latest update on releases from Lakorn Galaxy Facebook and Twitter. The neko-lings at LG are helping me to make those announcement too! Also Bangkok Vampire have been completed subbed!

Update 24th May 2019

nekoland new address....


Update 10th May 2019

You'd probably know or if you haven't and surprised that you've land on this page instead. Don't worry you are at the right place! This is just another home which neko have been keeping but was too busy to maintain it. At one time I even decided to close this down. Now I'm glad that I didn't!

Wordpress have decided to evict neko! They have suspended the wordpress.nekomeowmeow site due to compliance issue. Not really a CR issue. On the ground that neko have consumed too much of their so call "unlimited storage" when uploading those HD videos. Hey! I've paid for premium solely because of the unlimited storage. And their 7 days notice email got buried under a ton of other emails. I found out the hard way just like some of you did. Well, that's on neko tho!

So what's going to happen from now onwards?
neko needs to find a new home. Either to move the content over or starting from scratch. I still have yet to decide yet! But in the meantime, this will have to do!
I've revived majority of the old pages in neko2play. These pages actually exist quite sometime ago and most of these pages have openload & DM link. Keep in mind that all openload link have expired/broken. However most of the DM links are still working!
With the newer project, it's been uploaded to an alternative platform. Understand there's a lot of pop ups and ads. As much as I prefer DM, but DM have rejected project from these channels due to CR. So this is the best alternative which is available at the moment until I find a new home for "nekomeowmeow.com"!

Thank you everyone who have reached out through various platform with your concern and well wishes! neko^^ will "hang in here"!


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